26.07.2013 Kristina


The exploding popularity of social and digital media are changing marketing, by taking into account new tools and platforms for action. However, does it really mean that we have to focus only on social media marketing? In fact, online marketing doesn’t stand alone; it is a part of the bigger whole marketing communications strategy. The trick here is to understand how digital media changed marketing communications, and apply new tools and platforms in order to enhance the overall marketing strategy. So how do marketing communications look like in digital age?

17.07.2013 Kristina

VCG developed a promotional campaign for Volvo, as exquisite and stylish, as new Volvo car models. Every year Volvo indulges and surprises us with producing ever more unique models. And this year is no exception! For the new 2014 model change, Volvo introduced six new models: exquisite XC60, XC70 with its impressive design, beauty and strength combined in S60, stylish and exquisite S80, irresistible V60 and V70, where sport features meet with convenience features for family. Now, doesn’t that sound exciting?

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